Orange County Yoga Studio in Costa Mesa

Enter Relaxation 

Welcome to Ra Yoga, Costa Mesa’s own yoga studio and home to a wide range of classes (both heated and non-heated), workshops and healthy lifestyle events. We offer a free week of unlimited yoga for all new Orange County clients. This is open to beginners, advanced, and expert yogis. Our hot classes boast heating by world-class, hypoallergenic radiant heating panels, which leave a low carbon footprint. We at Ra believe it is important to be aware of the many benefits of Yoga. Breathing deeply keeps the mind focused, cleans out the lungs, and increases circulation, which oxygenates your entire system. It’s important to note that stretching increases flexibility, which can prevent injuries. Not to forget the positive effects on one's mental health and relieving anxiety. 

Experience RA

If you want to experience what RA Yoga has to offer in full, don't worry about pre-registering for a class. You can instead drop in for a class that interests you anytime you would like. You will find the schedule available to you on our website and each of the classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However for people new to the experience we ask that you please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you oriented to the studio. The best way to truly learn about Ra Yoga is to experience it so join us for yoga Orange County, and remember we offer a week free to all new students.