Yoga Studio Near Irvine, CA

The Many Options of Ra

Ra Yoga is the home to ten different types of yoga varying from heated and non-heated yoga asanas and styles. The classes also range from beginner, advanced, to yes, yoga expert. For those that have not yet practiced yoga we at Ra offer such an array of styles that one can learn the basics along with the details behind the poses. Ra strives to provide a sense of community and offers workshops and health lifestyle events other than our daily class schedule.

Key Benefits to the Yogi Lifestyle

One should also note the many health benefits of yoga. Breathing deeply as one component to yoga that it keeps the mind focused, cleans out the lungs, and increases circulation, which oxygenates your entire system. Another key component of yoga is stretching which can increase flexibility, which can in turn prevent future injuries. Strength and muscle tone are the result of supporting your body weight in various poses. Exerting one’s self is an important component for stress reduction and can benefit one's mental health. Fitting yoga in to your daily life can prove to decrease stress and in turn increase your quality of life and general productivity. We have one location in Costa Mesa, CA near many neighboring cities and the best way to experience RA is to join us, so join us for yoga Irvine, Newport Beach and any other nearby location.