New Year Meditation Series

New Year Meditation Series

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In this 4 part meditation series you will learn the foundation and science of a deep meditation practice. Jessi Moon is trained in the lineage of the Siddha Yogis and will bring a powerful energy to help you awaken your kundalini (life force energy in your nervous system) This workshop will get you to the place where you can finally tap into a deeper place in your meditation and is for the advanced meditator to the beginner. Come learn the science behind it and learn to master the technique to be able to get to that mind clearing blissful meditation experience you know you're capable of. The class will be fun, and very healing too. Be prepared to smile and meet other great people wanting to start their new year off with the most powerful tool a human can have!

Syllabus: Class 1 will be an introduction to different ways and levels of meditating and the understanding of when to use the different types, for example a breathing meditation vs. a third eye meditation. I will go over basic styles to advanced styles and the understanding of how each style may serve for a different purpose in your life at any given time and when to use them, plus practice meditating.

Class 2: The science of kundalini and understanding the chakras. How to clear your chakras and awaken your life force energy for a blissful mind clearing meditation.

Class 3: Understanding the mind, (mindfulness) how to be the witness or observer of the mind and learn how to detect unconscious patterns and reprogram the mind and we will also dive deeper into the meditation.

Class 4: Questions and Answers and a meditation and Love Taps (Healing circles) to end in a fun, loving and healing space.

Jessi Moon is a senior teacher from The Self Awareness Institute. She teaches a powerful form of meditation and mindfulness. She is a healer and has her own private practice helping people and working with children to balance their energy and minds. Jessi helps people heal through meditation practice and her healing presence. She endeavors to show anyone wanting to learn to grow their inner light and heal themselves and the people in their lives too. Jessi is a sincere student of Yoga and trains with a Master in the lineage of the Siddhas. You can visit her website to learn more

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