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Yoga isn’t just about stretching, it is a part of a holistic approach to well-being. At our Ra Yoga studio near Newport Beach and in Orange County, we strive to cultivate unique events that promote health and happiness.

If you prefer a class indoors, we offer a 108 Sun Salutations course by Lyn Dienhart that will guide you through 3 complete sets of 36 sun Salutations. Challenge your mind to stay focused on the mat as your body continuously flows through the asanas every 1st Friday of the month.

If you prefer the outdoors, try our Sky Yoga and Meditation at the Top of the World Park in Laguna Beach on March 15th. We will hike and practice the Tibetan method of meditation which emphasizes on practicing yoga in nature. The hike will be a 3.4 mile loop that begins and ends with gorgeous views of the... More ›

Give your loved ones a gift of yoga by enrolling them a yoga class at Ra Yoga near Newport beach - like our "Revealing the Power of Poses” class, coming up on Saturday, January 3 at 10am! If you already are a yoga expert, you perform these poses every day, but do you know why they are meaningful? Join us in this class to learn what makes them more than mere shapes, but yoga, as well as how you can create personal evolution from these poses.

Or perhaps you would like to further your life long journey with yoga by participating in our Spring 2015 Ra Yoga Teacher Training. Beginning January 17th, you will master public speaking, sharpen your relationship skills, and cultivate your authentic self. The training program, taught by Jenny Vande Hei, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, includes 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga... More ›

In the spirit of celebrating the season for what it’s really all about, don’t let stress become a integral part of the holidays this year. Instead, Ra yoga Newport Beach is also offering a Reiki 1 Certification beginning on Sunday, December 7th from 11am to 3:30pm. Reiki is a japans technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This practice treated the entire person including body, emotion, mind and spirit. Make sure to share your new discovered healing energy with your loved ones!

Need a little bit more stress reduction support? Why not detoxify negative energy by participating in 108 sun salutations every first Friday of the month? Instructor Lyn Dienhart will guide the class in 3 complete sets of 36 sun salutations. This series challenges the mind to stay focused on the... More ›

Discover Your Light! During the month of October Ra Yoga orange county will introduce 6 Teacher Training Modules in order to help you strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the practice. The next course offered will be Hot Ra 2 on November 2 - a follow-up to the Hot Ra 1 course held on October 18. This course will provide continuing education for 200 hr certified Yoga Instructors for a deeper look into the history and benefits of hot yoga. At the end of this training, you will be qualified to teach and sub for Hot Ra 2 at Ra Yoga.

Ra is also offering a Bodokon Workshop, administered by Jenny Vande Hei on October 25th for those interested in receiving a deeper understanding of the flow created by Hatha Yoga Master and Martial Arts Grandmaster Kancho Cameron Shayne. Bodokon focuses on the art of... More ›

What sort of goals have you set for yourself this year? Have you reached them yet? September 7th kicks off a three-part Empowerment Series at our Yoga Orange County center that has been created to align your inner energy so you can achieve the seemingly unachievable. Instructor Jona Genova will provide a mini healing session while teaching participants about popular healing modalities. Part two will take place the following day on September 8th. Students will have the the opportunity to take part in a transformational full moon forgiveness ceremony with live drummer and guided meditation. The last portion of the series on September 24th in Orange County will help all to program crystals in order to guide ambitions.

Ra Yoga also offers upcoming events such as a Deaf Yoga class which is taught in ASL... More ›

Looking for a little yoga to spice up your last few nights of summer? Ra Yoga, Uplift Yoga, and lululemon athletica of South Coast Plaza have all come together to bring our Yoga Orange County community a Yoga Under the Stars event on Sunday, August 17th from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Live music from Miles Cooper Seaton will be provided. The event is free and is designed to generate awareness for the Uplift Yoga Bash held on September 19th. If you would like to attend the event you must RSVP at lululemon athletica at South Coast Plaza.

If you can’t find the time to join us for our events or classes perhaps you would like to buy and try our Ra Power Flow DVD for your home enjoyment. Taped in Joshua Tree National park the 3 founders of yoga demonstrate a series of dynamic postures. Or save $10 when you purchase a... More ›

Summer is nearing an end. But with endings comes new beginnings and what better time to ring in a new school and work year than to enter a 30 Day Ra Yoga Challenge? Once registered every time you attend a class during the month of July you will be entered into a Ra Yoga lottery! Don’t miss your chance to win 1 month of free yoga, a Free Manduka Mat, 30% off clothes coupon, Shakti cold pressed juices, and MORE!

While you are on a roll with our 30 day challenge why not enroll your little one in our Little Ra-scals Yoga class? The classes are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 13. A class perfectly suited for your children with fun and enthusiastic teachers that will get your kiddo amped up for a Ra and healthy life! Remember it is never too early to be mindful!

Lastly if you aren’t a... More ›

The lifestyle publication Locale has featured Ra Yoga as one of the Top 7 Gyms in Orange County! We are honored to be highlighted as the “Most Balanced” with the likes of Renaissance Club Sport, Pure Barre, Crossfit Newport Mesa and other elite facilities. Check out the article here.

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It’s time to embrace your inner yogi and sign up for our new teacher training Orange County, led by Jenny Vande Hei near Newport Beach. This 10 week Yoga Alliance Certified weekend training program will enhance your abilities to teach technique, give in-depth knowledge of teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and provide 25 hours of practice and personal leadership training! The 2014 Summer Session will begin July 12th and will run until the 14th of September.

Don’t delay, the deadline for the early bird special is June 30th! Anyone can participate, and by attending the specialty Teacher Training near Irvine where your public speaking, relationship skills and authentic self will be nurtured!

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June gloom getting you down? Looking for the best work out to put some pep in your step? Ra Yoga Irvine offers a free week of UNLIMITED yoga to new students! Start with our PRActice Forum to become familiar and then try some of our scheduled classes. We offer amazing programs from Ra Vinyasa Level 1 for beginner students who are new to the practice all the way to the much talked about Hot Yoga classes heated to a temperature of 105 degrees and above to encourage flexibility. Wherever you are in your yoga journey we have something for you.

If you are already part of the Ra yoga family, perhaps you would like to attend some of our fantastic workshops. On Thursday, June 26th from 6:30-7:30 pm we are offering a Free Ayurveda 101 class. This monthly workshop focuses on giving students a basic understanding... More ›